Integrale S.r.l. is an Italian Senior Advisor founded more than 20 years ago who believes in ethical principles as integrity, consistency, loyalty, and professional European values.


The mission of the Integrale S.r.l. is to guide the growth of small and medium enterprises by supporting their activities either in their own local markets or in new European business areas, by giving them a comprehensive global intermediary and advisory aid directly on the field.

We have a great capability to create new strategies and to offer our clients a complete range of professional services thanks to a consolidated experience gained by operating in a mature economical environment, engaged with the European regulations. In particular, we can count on extensive industry contacts that can add value to our clients investment decisions.

An excellent expertise has been obtained especially in the following business fields:
- Private Finance engineering;
- National and European public funds (ERDF, ESF, DOCUP, LEADER PLUS, POR CREO FESR, FSE, etc...);
- Business Planning;
- Business organisation and Human Resources;
- Environmental Care;
- Tourism industry;
- Textile and Fashion Industries;
- Job and Environmental Security;
- Constructions and Real Estate;
- Information Technologies;
- Analysis and implementation of International Certification Standard (UNI ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, EMAS, S.A. 8000).

Integrale S.r.l. detains a wide range of business and political contacts that can help our project to match the forecasted objectives. In particular, it co-operates with:
- Italian Industrial Unions;
- Italian Commerce and Craft Unions;
- Italian Chambers of Commerce;
- Tourism Associations;
- Italian Universities;
- Italian Professional Schools;
- Foreign Consulates;
- Italian & Foreigners Business Organisations.

Please contact us, We will be happy to help your business to grow.